Cosmos (5-Disc Digitally Remastered Extended Edition)

December 12, 2018

Cosmos (5-Disc Digitally Remastered Extended Edition)

Titulo del libro: Cosmos (5-Disc Digitally Remastered Extended Edition)

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 27, 1980

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Cosmos was written, produced and presented by the late astronomer Carl Sagan for American public television (PBS) in 1980. Throughout the 13 television chapters of the series 'Cosmos', Carl Sagan knew to lead us on a journey in time since The beginnings of the known Universe. (The Big Bang, occurring some 15,000 million years ago) to the future of terrestrial civilization. Past, present, and future are contained here, making Laplace's dream about human knowledge almost a reality. This series is a journey through 'The Cosmos', by the whole, by the Universe, research, science, history, human thought, philosophy and scientific speculation .. This pack includes the following chapters. On the shore of the cosmic ocean. A voice in the cosmic flight. The harmony of the worlds. Heaven and hell. Blues for a red planet. History of travelers. The backbone of the night. Travel through space and time. The life of the stars. The edge of eternity. The Persistence of Memory. Encyclopedia galactic. Who speaks on behalf of the Earth ?.